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While I still don't have anything of the actual page looked like (mainly because I don't have the actual files anymore, and two of my free hosting sites aren't archived at all) I can still give you a more solid idea of what it was.

This is because I found an HTML file I made that uses this stylesheet, which, for all intents and purposes is basically 99% the exact same stylesheet I used for my old website. So I essentially just took it and filled in the details.

I was very excited about using CSS, and I had the same mindset of most people coding websites that HTML is merely a vehicle towards visual means. I felt a little bad just recreating the ugliest parts of it (as you could see in page source) that I kinda just dropped in some HTML5 stuff I didn't put in when I originally made it. I do remember the navbar being like that from copypasting some other guy's navbar code, so you know things were just bad in general.

As for why this is web version 3, I don't even know. All I know was that the "version" I had when I first published on Neocities was v4. This looks similar enough that I should consider this 3. Version 2? Again, I don't know. I don't have most of my early website's files. Maybe I'll run into them someday doing some spring cleaning, but right now this is all just a burning memory.

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