What’s new?

3.2 (2020-09-15)


  • Zim Wikitext support now added! However, because MDiocre at the moment relies on file extensions, the file name has to end in a .zimtxt. Additionally, MDiocre commands will be in the form of [mdiocre: <command>] - you simply type it in when writing a Zim document. The number of spaces around the command doesn’t really matter as long as they are on one line.


  • mdiocre.core.MDiocre.sub_func() has been removed.

3.1 (2020-09-13)


  • Introducing a simple Tk GUI for MDiocre (mdiocre_gui.py). Its features currently match that of the CLI version (mdiocre.py), but individual file conversion and string conversion is planned.

  • Added sample scripts that use the MDiocre API
    • RSS feed generator (samples/make_feed.py)

    • Index page generator, with pagination (samples/make_index.py)

    • Tags page generator (samples/make_tags.py)


  • The comment-parsing system has been changed in core. Instead of going through the string directly through re, it goes through a parser, which really just implements the same functions. This opens up the possibility for other formats to be added as an input to MDiocre. ReStructuredText support can be added due to this.

  • The Wizard can now take a callback function. The callback function is run after each file is processed, and passes a dict containing the original file name, the converted file name, as well as the root directory.

  • The MDiocre class can now take a parser or parser_name option. The parser option must be set to a class inheriting BaseParser, or you can set the parser_name. Built-in ones currently include: markdown, html, rst. If both parser and parser_name are defined, parser takes precedence.

  • mdiocre.core.MDiocre.sub_func() has been moved to mdiocre.parsers.sub_func(). The former will be removed in MDiocre 3.2.

3.0 (2020-08-31)

All-new rewrite of MDiocre, with the aim to “modularize” it and keep it easy-to-use.