Interfaces are what makes MDiocre usable by the common user, by stringing together its various core functionalities into something that can process source files into publishable web pages. Internally, these are referred as wizards, and is what MDiocre calls “interfaces”, graphical or otherwise.

Command line

The main operation of command line version of MDiocre needs 2 arguments, namely the source directory and the destination (build) directory.

The app will copy each file in the source directory recursively and copy them to the respective folders in the build directory, making them when necessary. In the case of .md files, it will parse them. If it finds a mdiocre-template definition linking to a valid file, it will convert the file into a usable HTML page.

Consider a folder named pages which are full of pages and misc. files that are targeted to be copied and published, and that the build folder be named publish. MDiocre would be invoked as:

python pages publish

When run, a detailed output of what MDiocre is doing will pop up quickly in the command line window. If this is undesired, the CLI also offers a “quiet” option, as -q or –quiet:

python -q pages publish