Quick Setup Guide


  • Create a mdiocre.ini configuration file. It should look like this:
detail = True
config = site/conf.ini
logfile= site/run.log

include-html = False
copy-html = False
build-exclude = none
use-prefix = False

clean-exclude = none
clean-index = True
  • Create a new directory for your site, called site.
  • Inside the site folder, create a new file named conf.ini, which looks like this:
modules         = root, blog
use-templates   = main
no-index        = none
source-folder   = site/_src
build-folder    = site/_html
template-folder = site/_templates

site-name       = A MDiocre Powered Site
  • Create these folders inside the site folder: _src, _templates.
  • Go inside the _src folder and create index.md:
<!--title="Home Page"-->
# Welcome to <!--var:site-name-->!

I hope you enjoyed your stay!
Here's my [blog](blog/index.html)!
  • Go back to site, then inside the _templates folder create the file main.html:
<title><!--var:site-name--> : <!--var:title--></title>
  • Go back to site, then go inside the _src folder. Create a new folder called blog.
  • Inside the blog folder, make a file called my_first_blog.md
<!--title="Blog: Everything's boring"-->
# Everything's boring

I had a bad day lmao
  • Create a file called index.template in the same folder:
<!--title="Blog: Index"-->
# Blog

Check out my ramblings.

  • Go up three folders, open a terminal and mash MDiocre/mdiocre_console.py build
  • Done. Now have a look at your HTML masterpiece. :)