StarOffice / OpenOffice / LibreOffice

StarOffice began in 1985 as the first version of StarWriter was written by Marco Börries for the Zilog Z80. To market it, Marco founded StarDivision. It was then ported to various different platforms, such as CP/M (Amstrad CPC) and MS-DOS. Various other office applications are written and are eventually integrated into the StarOffice suite, which now supports DOS, OS/2 and Windows. Linux support was added in version 3.1, sponsored by Caldera for its' OpenLinux distribution. StarOffice began to be released free of charge in 1998, and it became open source after StarDivision was bought out by Sun Microsystems in 1999.

This new open source version was known as (OOo), and was quickly becoming a popular free and open alternative to Microsoft Office. Its file formats, known as XML, was the basis for the OpenDocument standard which is intended to be the standard, cross-platform file format for office documents.

OOo experienced a reduction in developers after Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010, especially after outside developers left the project due to policy concerns, specifically Sun and Oracle's management of the project. Under Oracle, the OOo project was stagnating, and there is a notable lack of activity in the project. These developers eventually forked OOo under the name LibreOffice (LO), and founded The Document Foundation.

As OOo languished and LO flourished, many Linux distributions switched to LO as their default office suite. The final nail in the coffin was Oracle halting development of OOo completely in April 2011.

What remains of Oracle's OOo were picked up by the Apache Software Foundation between 2011-2012, now known as Apache OpenOffice (AOO). It has since been slowly chugging along with what's left of the active developers and contributions.

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StarOffice 3.1 July 1996 OpenOffice 1.0.3 Sources
StarOffice 4.0 1997 OpenOffice 1.0.3 Sources
Sun Microsystems
StarOffice 5.1 May 1999 StarOffice 5.1 Installation under Windows 98 Virtual PC
StarOffice 5.2 June 2000 Justin Watt: INLS 183 Project 9 - StarOffice 5.2
StarSuite 6.0 May 2002 (based on OOo 1.0) OpenOffice 1.0.3 Sources
StarSuite 7.0 November 2003 (based on OOo 1.1) OpenOffice 1.0.3 Sources
OpenOffice 1.0 April 2002 OpenOffice 1.0 Marketing Materials, OpenOffice 1.0.3 Sources
OpenOffice 1.1 September 2003 OpenOffice 1.1.5 Sources
OpenOffice 2.0 Beta September 2005 OpenOffice 2.0 Writer Beta Preview
OpenOffice 2.0 October 2005 OpenOffice 2.0 Splash Screen Winner
OpenOffice 3.0 October 2008 LO adc04d6
The Document Foundation
LibreOffice 3.3 Beta September 2010 LO d387dac
LibreOffice 3.3 Release Candidate 2010 LO a5d50e6
LibreOffice 3.3 January 2011 LO 337eda1
LibreOffice 4.0 Release Candidate 2012 LO 151400ef
LibreOffice 4.0 February 2013 LO 4e6fd3b2, e99535d

LibreOffice 5.0 Release Candidate 2015 LO 23e31c4c
LibreOffice 5.0 August 2015 LO 8cfdd81b
LibreOffice 6 Release Candidate 1 2017 LO e1c89b1, 8d364889
LibreOffice 6 Release Candidate 2 2017 LO 0a7fe0ab
LibreOffice 6.0 January 2018 LO 987f8824, 60413c98
LibreOffice 7.0 Release Candidate 1 April 2020 LO 0db34d1c, 49267518

LibreOffice 7.0 Release Candidate 2 "Community Edition" May 2020 LO 1bc96e1d
LibreOffice 7.0 Release Candidate 3 "Personal Edition" July 2020 LO c5404831
LibreOffice 7.0 July 2020 LO 120d377f, 49267518