Upgrade to

Windows 10


Here are some good reasons why.

What happens if you don't upgrade?


...Yeah, I wanna upgrade now GWX, whatever. It's scheduled already anyway.



I'm gonna be out for lunch while I wait.

Okay I'm back... and it's still hasn't finished upgrading.

How long is this going to take? C'mon, I need some freaking work to do! Why are you telling me to """sit back and relax"""???


"This won't take long?" I smell BS right here. I've been waiting for 30 minutes on this screen!

And it's starting to make my eyes bleed, with the rotating hues!


But wait, what is this crap? Why are there ads on my lock screen? Why are there live tiles on my Start Menu? Why is this a little more difficult to navigate than Windows 7's Start Menu? Why is OneDrive by default placed on the sidebar?!

Blech! I'm not gonna whine about it in detail because I can just install Classic Shell. As for OneDrive, eh, I can disable it myself. Then again I'm only here for the... um, latest security updates? And DirectX 12? Because that's what I'm promised! Why else would I upgrade from Windows 7?

Wait. Windows 7's extended support lasts until 2020...ish. Unpatched vulnerabilities? Yeah, I'm sure.

What's this, telemetry? Um, oooookaaaaayyyy then... Automatically connect to networks shared by my contacts?! Wi-Fi Sense?! That's... oh god. I really need to disable it, stat.

Updates enabled by default. Hmm, let's see how that goes. Let me just open my audio editing tool and start working! Alright, I'm almost finished, and- oh. It froze. Let me cold reboot.

Configuring updates. Grr. Alright, time to finalize my song. ...Wait, what the hell? Corrupted file? Let me open that file in my hex editor and- oooooooh you son of a bitch. EVERYTHING'S ZEROED OUT. But I saved it every 30 freaking seconds, and wh- THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT?! NOW I HAVE TO REDO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! UGH!

Well, I've been using this computer for a pretty long time now, it's actually not as bad as it sounds! Wait, after restarting this one driver doesn't seem to work just yet. Hm. I should try doing a true restart. Yeah, fast shutdown snort is how I roll so far.

...Okay, time to log in! Um, "Waiting for the System Event Notification Service"? Wh- what? ...IT REBOOTS ITSELF?! Okay. I can't click on anything, there's no text at all! I guess the only way is to boot into Safe Mode.

Looks like the only way I can ever work on Windows is through safe mode. I need to do a system restore.

...Wait, what do you mean system restore failed?! Agh! I can look on the internet for anything that can get my computer up and running, but most of them are unhelpful! Maybe the registry entries are the fault? Yeah, I did change some of them AND I CHANGED THEM BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS, but that didn't fix the problem.

Guess I have to reinstall Windows. Frick, Windows 10 isn't quite ready for primetime. Forcing it is the only way? Like hell!

This is just my two cents on the whole Windows 10 outrage.

To me, Windows 10 is not that bad! It still functions as a regular operating system, really. The difference is that it's got a ton of shit in it, it's always in beta, but you can just ignore them really. Or maybe it's gonna be "fixed" and "ironed out" in the future, but who knows. Then this "rant", as I like to call it, wouldn't be as relevant...?

Windows is synonymous with PC, as in personal computing. Those "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials... yeah. In my opinion, if an operating system is more about whoever created it rather than whoever is using it (aka the company vs the customer), then I guess it takes the "personal" out of "personal computing" doesn't it? :P

I think the Windows == PC thing still applies today... although then Windows will probably be synonymous with the cloud, eventually. Though I don't think that's gonna happen.

My personal experience with Windows 10? It's mostly like the cards above, but the difference is I didn't reinstall Windows. Instead, I replaced it with Xubuntu. Well, my previous Windows partition's destroyed since I forgot that "drive letters" C, D, E aren't actually "drives" on my system but rather seperate partitions. But I'm not terribly saddened by it because I know I'm solely responsible. Though yeah, I do miss all those old data, but moving on is good I suppose.

As of this writing I now use Arch Linux and Windows 7 dual-booted. Though I have downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's website, just in case.

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