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MDiocre Release

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You can tell it's so bad, it has nothing to hide.


MDiocre released. It’s still quite messy and it hasn’t got a README for now, but eh

Quick setup

This is the entire doc for now, I had to put the other one on hold because damn, I don’t even have time to work on this right now what the f


  1. Make a folder to put all your stuff in, let’s say it’s named site-stuff.
  2. Click Clone or download, then click Download ZIP.
  3. Move the folder MDiocre-master into site-stuff (or whatever you called it), and rename it to MDiocre.

Make a site

See here, assuming the current directory is site-stuff or whatever you’ve named your folder.

Excluding code literals is now on my to-do list, because at the moment, when I pasted all the doc code here, it picks up the variables from my actual setup. That ain’t good. So I copied the html from the compiled documentation, so sorry if it looks a bit basic.

Also, if you’re on Windows you may need to make a batch file with the command (prefixed with python, maybe) and run that instead. I’ll work on that sometime - it works alright on Linux for now.