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Update... again

So I finally got up and hauled ass to Git. Why the hell didn't I think of this before?? All this time I was clumsily storing project files on every computer and phone, when I could have just done a git pull on my website files whenever I need to update it!

As a result of my oopsie, I end up updating the entire blog every time I write a new entry. That's the second excuse I don't upload much here. The first one? School wh

I still have no script for automatically updating my website in Neocities. I could have written one, but I don't want to make its' system think I'm deliberately spamming. I could try to make a script that downloads the file in question and then compares it, but then again, it spams API for requests. I wish I had the money to donate so I get a little less worried since there'd be more bandwidth allowance... or whatever. idk. (On second thought: I'd just need to update these three: index.html, the blog posts, and RSS, wink wink)

What's new?

I... think that's about it? Looking at my git logs, anyway.

One more thing

MDiocre's readme is now up. Very minimal, untested but hopefully will give you some sort of cleaner idea on how to use the thing.