Splash RX cancelled - now what?

After less than a year in development - Splash Rescues Friday RX (Redux) is cancelled.

AlleyDog left development in early March 2017 for unknown reasons.

You can still play the game, except that it's really unstable and only a handful of levels are finished.

Here's the final beta builds of Splash RX. Inside the zip are Windows and Linux versions. Yes, there still isn't a Mac version officially available, but W I N E is still an option.

Here's the source code. It might probably help you find all the things that have been implemented in this game so far.

The MIDIs for the soundtrack (not all though), which, I guess can be the "source code" for the OST...

Warning for the Windows versions: these development builds may have been INFECTED with a virus, you best be running these on a virtual machine. Sorry about that.

Here are the early development builds, if you're interested.

The only released version is available in the folder under "00718W-Release.zip" (for Windows) and "00718L-Release.zip" (for Linux)

AlleyDog has now released the "ideas doc" - link here.

Well, that's that. Hope you'll enjoy.